eternity_image_00289 Eternity was inspired, believe it or not, by death.

I was feeling remorse and bewilderment for the loss of two magnificent people, Roy and Verna Marie Raymond. They were a tremendous influence in my life. Roy was the owner of a large company based in our town. He had a huge heart and was always looking for ways to improve conditions in our community. Verna Marie was always by his side.Their death made no sense to me. I lost dear friends, but more so, our community lost. Their daughter, Emily, was a senior in high school. It’s unimaginable, to this day, what she was going through. She spoke at the Eulogy. I was so deeply moved by her demeanor and poise. She spoke from her heart and addressed all the issues straight on. At that moment I realized that life ‘continues on’. Their strength continued on in Emily. “Eternity – A moment standing still forever”

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